Natural Advantage was formed over seventeen years ago to supply
the growing demand for natural food and flavor ingredients. We employ a wide
range of multi-disciplined scientists who are dedicated to high quality service,
customer satisfaction and creating an outstanding value for our clients.
Natural Advantage is...
  • Manufacturer of natural flavor ingredients, sold under the
    brand name Natural Advantage

  • Developer of answers that improve consumer products, sold
    under the brand name Taste Advantage

Our Locations:
  • Louisiana – where we perform Research and Development,
    Small-Scale Production and Sensory Evaluation

  • Florida – where we have most of our manufacturing, our
    Citrus Program and consumer product research
Grapefruit Mercaptan
Natural Advantage
Producers of Natural, Kosher Flavor Ingredients for the Food, Beverage and Flavor Industry
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Whats New
Protein Advantage, Natural

Natural Advantage
introduces Protein Advantage, an all-natural product for use in
applications that contain proteins from soy, whey, etc.  Protein Advantage will provide a
creamy, smooth mouthfeel in lieu of the harsh astringency and bitter notes that are
typical of proteins.  In addition, it greatly reduces any characteristic beany notes,
creating a more dairy-like profile.  Protein Advantage transforms the product into a more
palatable application with no reduction in the benefits of protein.  Protein Advantage
contains no protein.  Typical use rate of 0.1% w/w as consumed in a final product.  
Worldwide Natural, Kosher.